Tulmaya finds hope through Grace Life can seem cruel and overwhelming at times. HIV-infected Tulmaya Tharu thought her world had ended when her husband died of AIDS in 2013. It didn’t help that Tulmaya, from Bardiya in midwest Nepal, was blamed for her husband’s death when he was the one who transmitted the virus to her.

Ram_Inside_Response by Dr Tan Kang San We were in Shimla, India recently for AsiaCMS’ Board meeting. On 25th April, 2015, we experienced tremors in Agra, India and later followed the unfolding drama of the Nepali Quake on TV. In a globalized world, Christians worldwide struggle to respond theologically and practically to calamities. Where is God during enormous human sufferings? What should be the Christian response to untold sufferings inflicted on innocent poor communities? Here, I offer humbly a biblical reflection in solidarity with our Nepali friends as they reach out in practical love and a call for Christians globally to assist through our prayers and financial support.

[caption id="attachment_1651" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A church that was destroyed in the earthquake. Photo courtesy of Vishal Arora. A church that was destroyed in the earthquake. Photo courtesy of Vishal Arora.[/caption] The massive earthquake in Nepal on April 25 has brought untold damage and suffering to the nation of 28.9 million people. The graphic images of destruction are heart-wrenching. Thousands of people perished, and the lives of many more families have been ruined. Rebuilding the damaged infrastructure and shattered lives will be a long and hard process. While we thank God that AsiaCMS mission partners and their families are safe, we truly feel for the loss and pain of this nation.

AsiaCMS Newsletter3 These are challenging times indeed. News of religious persecution and communal violence has become commonplace in many parts of the world. Asia too is not spared this fanaticism. These past months have brought some challenges to the AsiaCMS team in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.