Programs We Support

Asia Gateway

Asia Gateway is an intensive programme that lays a firm foundation for intercultural mission, combining practical experience with theological reflection. Asia Gateway is a partnership that includes the Methodist Church of Malaysia, the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia, OM, OMF, Interserve, STM, SIM and Asia CMS.

During a one-month residential training programme, students and missions workers from all over the world come together for a time of classroom learning and practical outings. With lecturers and students from different nations, it further equips for intercultural impact. Students learn the five marks of mission and are equipped to further increase the effectiveness of their mission.

Asia Gateway began in 2013 as a vision where several mission agencies of Asia came together out of a desire to train and equip mission workers to a high standard, enabling them to live out their calling and mission from God.

The Missional Leadership Residential Programme is an advanced course designed to equip leaders and potential trainers in preparing new workers for ministry among Asian cultures, with a particular focus on engaging with Asian religions and worldviews.

It is also suitable for church and mission leaders who have not done formal cross-cultural training, especially in Asian contexts, or taken as an in-service training or refresher course for workers on home leave.

All courses are taught by experienced lecturers from the East and West. They combine high quality course work with practical field trips, and provide opportunities for spiritual development through personal mentoring and intercultural community living. Only a few such courses are based in Asia. Asia Gateway is ideal for:

Those considering or preparing for mission work in Asia;

Experienced mission workers and leaders who want to further develop their understanding of cross-cultural mission;

Those who wish to be equipped to be mission teachers and trainers;

Mission workers from outside of Asia who want to learn more about mission in Asia;

Mission agency and church leaders engaged in sending people out as mission workers.

South Asia Christian Youth Network (SACYN)

SACYN is a network of young leaders from South Asia with a mission to build connections. It is all about inspiring, preparing and strengthening young Christian adults to cross bridges to encounter and share their faith, and lives with those who are from different circumstances, languages, cultures, ethnicity, nationality, lifestyles, faiths, backgrounds etc.

SACYN has had trainings and meetings in various countries in South Asia, which has helped to build bridges and nurture strong personal relations between the future leadership of the Church in South Asia. It has also been a useful vessel to train and equip young people in Asia on issues and challenges that are relevant to the Church and Christianity in Asia today.

Over the past 13 years, SACYN has provided a forum for young leaders in South Asia to meet together annually. The mission of SACYN is to facilitate young people in churches to be personally challenged in their commitment to follow Jesus Christ and for each to find his or her role in being a part of God’s mission.

SACYN seeks to strengthen and renew regional churches in their faith and their commitment to make Christ known in their engagement in practical mission for the Kingdom of God

SACYN is committed to help a generation to fully live the kingdom experience and enable them to transcend all possible boundaries that separate people from people. The vision is to encourage, motivate and enable South Asian young people from the region’s churches to link up, overcome barriers and work together for the Gospel and Kingdom of God A Vision for a future South Asia that is different.