Milan finds Joy in mentoring

Milan finds Joy in mentoring


Milan (far right) with students

The Lord has been gracious to our co-mission partner Milan Kumar Magar, giving him the strength to travel 14 hours to the western region of Nepal to help local pastors in mentoring sessions.

Since last year, he has mentored six pastors from Baptist, Evangelical, Pentecostal and Presbyterian denominations.

He finds great joy in investing his life in them in order to grow in Christ-like character as they serve the church and community. At one mentoring session, they went to the hill station of the western region to observe silence and solitude for the whole day.

The pastors shared that it was a great time to hear from God. Some said they were not able to forgive their family members for many years but while spending time in spiritual retreat they heard from the Lord telling them to forgive.

Pastor DB Rana is one of those who have benefited from Milan’s ministry.

As a regular church attendee of Independent Baptist Church in East Nepal, he had an opportunity to attend pastor and leadership training in Butwal in 2010.

“I was able to grow in deep spiritual knowledge and was mentored by Milan in the training,” Rana says.

“When I started serving the Lord as an active member, there were only three families in my church. But slowly the number grew after I used all the skills and knowledge that I got from the training.

“I targeted two unreached people groups of Magar and Limbu in my village. Today by His grace, we have 50 regular church attendees.”

Rana believes that he would have remained a passive believer if he had not gone for the training.

Please pray for God’s provision to enable Milan to plant a church among unreached people groups.