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Who We Are

Asia Collaborative Mission Services (AsiaCMS) is a trans-denominational mission movement based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and established in 2012. AsiaCMS is associated with the Church Mission Society in the UK and the global CMS network.

We now live in a rapidly changing world. With changed realities, it can no longer be business as usual for churches, Christian organisations and Christians engaged in God’s mission.

There is a need for change and adjustments to some of the traditional mission approaches and priorities, especially for Christians in Asia who seek to be both effective and faithful according to Biblical mandates.

Our tagline, Together on the Edge in God’s Mission is formulated in the light of these realities.

To move ahead in the coming years, the breadth of God’s mission and the changed global realities demand the cooperative efforts of all of God’s people with all of their diverse strengths and resources. Therefore, AsiaCMS seeks to multiply the mission efforts of churches and Christian organisations in a 3-fold focus:

  1. Engage the unreached and least-reached people groups with the Gospel.
  2. Engage in spheres of mission that are often overlooked, but critical for national contexts.
  3. Facilitate collaborations for fresh insights on Asian mission concerns by Asian Christians.

To break new ground in this 3-fold focus, AsiaCMS will:

Connect people, organisations, and churches to meet needs;

Facilitate collaborations for mission initiatives;

Resource people and organisations through mission education, cross-cultural ministry training and support.

Our History

The Team

Where we have presence

Our Presence

Our Co-Mission Partners are spearheading initiatives in building national capacity and providing leadership in critical spheres of mission. These include building theological and leadership capacity, reaching least-reached people groups, church planting, engagement with the rural and urban poor through community development, education and ministry thrusts in arenas of child protection, peace and reconciliation, and drug rehabilitation.








Sri Lanka



Our Aspirations and Vision

We aspire to extend our presence to walk alongside national churches and indigenous movements in furthering God’s mission. We seek to establish strong regional hubs in South Asia, South-East Asia, East Asia, China and Central Asia to facilitate God’s mission in these countries





South Korea