[caption id="attachment_1765" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Anilal reaching for the King of Fruits Anilal reaching for the King of Fruits[/caption] By Anilal M. Jose What do you expect a drug rehabilitation centre to look like? Ya, I was expecting something like a closed place, which keeps the people indoors to prevent them from falling prey to the temptation again! Most rehab centres which I visited before were instrumental in creating such a picture in me.

[caption id="attachment_1758" align="aligncenter" width="300"]AGT trainees enjoying the sights at the Kenosis centre AGT trainees enjoying the sights at the Kenosis centre[/caption] By Yeap Boo Yam It has been said that where mission work is concerned, the calling is divine but the relationship is very human. By extension, mission training should be a good blend of the core principles of theology and the practicalities of everyday life. It is on this premise that Asia Gateway Training (AGT) kicked off its seven-week residential programme on cross-cultural mission training at Seminari Theologi Malaysia in Seremban on June 21.

Servant_AsiaCMS_Inside Institutions and organisations today place much emphasis on leadership training. Could it be that this emphasis is misplaced as far as the church is concerned? Of course there is a need for academic and theological formation in the Christian life. Moreover, no one would dispute that all of us need training in skills in leading groups and managing organisations, big or small. But does the Bible teach us to train leaders for the church, in the way that multinationals today consciously seek to produce corporate managers and CEOs?

Mark Oxbrow_Inisde Relationship was one word that resonated at a seminar on collaboration in mission which was organised by AsiaCMS recently. And that truly captured the spirit of a presentation by Rev Canon Mark Oxbrow, the International Director of Faith2Share, UK. He said lasting success in collaborative missions hinged on putting the focus on building relationships of trust. 

Nepal Update_WebInside The scenes of devastation, agony and despair in Nepal are fast disappearing from the pages of newspapers and television screens. But make no mistake – the needs of Nepal remain pressing today, more than a month after the country was ravaged by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. Thank God that millions of dollars in aid and countless hours of relief work by volunteers have poured into the country since then. But getting enough funds to deliver aid to the victims is still a huge challenge.