Reconciliation_Inside By Rabbi and Chitra Jayakaran After over a year of background work, Peacemakers’ project for women prisoners, their children and families has begun. These are some of the most neglected people, and we desire for them to experience hope and transformation in their lives.

Milan_Unreached_InsideThe Lord has been kind to our co-mission partner Milan Magar, in fulfilling his desire to work with the very neglected and oppressed communities in his midst. He has had an opportunity to share the good news with Moshar, the least of unreached people groups in Nepal. They are also a marginalised group of the country.

Young Christians_Inside It’s touching to see young people pouring their hearts out to God. This was what our co-mission partners Kumar and Kathryn Aryal experienced when conducting a youth camp in Balay Indang, Cavite, the Philippines, from March 23-26. 

PEP_Inside Low literacy rates in developing countries have caused millions to be caught in a vicious cycle of poverty. In rural Pakistan, the effects on women are devastating, causing them to struggle against gender discrimination. Take Bahgwani for example. She was uneducated, got married as a teenager, and was trapped in a culture where women had less or no freedom to live out their rights. But thanks to the Primary Education Project (PEP), Bahgwani could now see light at the end of the tunnel.

Rusunawa_Inside It’s amazing to see how God works according to His own time and design. Sometimes, what we have sowed, He would allow us to reap in a different season. Our co-mission partner in Indonesia, RP, can testify to the grace of God in affirming her work among the urban poor. Last month, she received encouraging news from a friend who used to be our partner in doing community development in Rusunawa Marunda, a low-cost housing area in North Jakarta.