Ram_Maya_Inside By Ram Prasad Shrestha For sure tens of thousands of people have suffered tremendously because of the earthquake in Nepal last year. Many had their whole families wiped out in the devastation. The unofficial blockade imposed by the Indian government about four months ago aggravated the situation by causing a severe shortage of essential items.

Christmas1 300 x 217 Dear Partners in the Gospel AsiaCMS sends you our warm greetings and we invite you to join us in thanking God because “a great door for effective work has opened up for us” (1 Corinthians 16:9). That great door in Asia is the raising of 26 Asian mission leaders, the setting up of training alliances in Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bhutan and Malaysia whereby over 500-800 Asian leaders have been trained during the past year.

Passion_Milan_Inside As Milan Magar was reading about the Magar people on the Internet, he was burdened with a deep desire to reach out and help them. “My people are in darkness and living a miserable life without the Living God. It has encouraged me with a passion to reach them with the Gospel," he said.

Nepal Update2_Inside1 By Prasansa Subha A massive earthquake measuring 7.8 Richter magnitude struck Nepal on 25th April this year, claiming the lives of several thousands, causing property loss worth billions of dollars, and unleashing mental and physical health problems. Experts in the field had been anticipating earthquake in Nepal for decades but besides the awareness campaign, the country's preparation for the disaster was almost zilch. Had the countrymen been a little more cautious and prepared, the disaster wouldn't have led to a tragic end for many.

Mailchimp_Peacemakers One of our major efforts in India the past few months has been on the birthing of a new area of work for rehabilitation of women in conflict with the law. This is an initiative with much scope but currently we are looking at rehabilitation of women prisoners and their children. Since this is a relatively new area of work, AsiaCMS co-mission partners Rabbi and Chitra Jakaran have spent much time in research and discussions with those in the field.