Doing the Unthinkable with God

Doing the Unthinkable with God

Dr Saggu is our Co-Mission Partner based in Nepal and he is the Director for a consortium that provides ATA-recognised theological education in Nepal. He is also the founding Dean of the Nepal Theological Academy in Kathmandu. Dr Saggu’s influence and impact on the lives of his students at the college is not only continual but also far-reaching across gender, age and cultural background. Each semester, Dr Saggu hears many testimonies of how pursuing a theological education has changed the lives of his students.

One such student is Mrs. Leegan Lepcha, who never considered pursuing theological studies. But God had different plans. She studied for three years and was very blessed throughout her journey. She learned many concepts and ideas that previously were mysteries to her. Even her husband was supportive–giving her constant encouragement and playing the role of both father and mother in her absence.

Due to her training, Mrs. Leegan now ponders ideas in a deeper and broader way. The challenges and struggles she has encountered as a student amidst other responsibilities have only helped her grow stronger in God. She has experienced His abundant grace and provision, and she can proudly say, “Theology has refreshed my spiritual life.”

Mrs. Romi Bishanke has a similar story. She never thought herself capable of completing theology or biblical studies. However, she chose Proverbs 16:3 as her motto: “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” She knew God wanted her to pursue theology and delved into her studies with great passion and thirst.

Romi continued learning many truths about God; the Bible became a dependable source in her life. She was encouraged, impressed to bear burdens, told to build up leaders in biblically rooted practical skills, and taught how to conduct effective Bible study in her church.

As a 2019 M.Div graduate, Romi proclaims: “I will continue my journey to proclaim the gospel of God’s grace, unbounded grace because I know the Spirit-filled life is the Christ-directed life, and will continue to experience God’s love more and more faithfully and will continue to be obedient to His calling.”


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