Blessing indigenous people with Ministry Week

Blessing indigenous people with Ministry Week


Ministry Week is a time of the year when the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) closes its doors and goes out on the field for a week to do field ministry.

AsiaCMS co-mission partner Kumar Aryal and his ISG (Iron-Sharpening Group) went to Floridablanca, Pampanga for their ministry week.

It was during the last week of August when they had the privilege of meeting and ministering to indigenous people of the Philippines. They are called “Aeta” people, which means people of the land or indigenous people.

It was through Evengel Christian Church that they had the privilege of reaching out to them with the Gospel. Apart from Aeta ministry, they also trained leaders of Evangel Christian Church on evangelism, conflict resolution and leadership.

Ministry Week was also a great time for Kumar to work together with his small group and see them apply what they have learned at IGSL. As a result of the Ministry Week, several souls were added into the Kingdom of God and many leaders were trained.

We praise God for those saved souls and trained leaders and pray for their spiritual maturity.

Please also pray for Kumar and his wife Kathryn Ann Aryal as they embraced parenthood with the birth of Kevin Daniel Aryal.