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AsiaCMS and Asia Gateway, in collaboration with Spiritual Formation Institute (SFI), will be jointly offering a seminar on “Missional Spirituality” in Johor Bahru on April 30. AsiaCMS executive director Dr Tan Kang San and AsiaCMS training director Lee Loun Ling will be conducting the seminar, with SFI director Dr Alex Tang as the facilitator. 

Mark Oxbrow_Inisde Relationship was one word that resonated at a seminar on collaboration in mission which was organised by AsiaCMS recently. And that truly captured the spirit of a presentation by Rev Canon Mark Oxbrow, the International Director of Faith2Share, UK. He said lasting success in collaborative missions hinged on putting the focus on building relationships of trust. 

Lausanne Close_Inside The 7th Lausanne International Researchers’ Conference has been successfully staged in Kuala Lumpur with the participation of about 60 delegates from all five continents. The five-day conference, which ended on Thursday, also saw the international delegates participating in an interfaith dialogue during a visit to a religious study centre in Petaling Jaya.