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Kumar_Baby_Web By Kumar & Kats Aryal The expected due date was Sept 21, but we rushed to the hospital on Sept 12 because Kats' water discharge started that morning. She was immediately admitted at the High Risk Pregnancy Unit at St Luke's Hospital at Quezon City at 10am.

[caption id="attachment_2422" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Kopila_Inside Kopila (3rd from right) after her baptism lunch[/caption] Kopila went to Manila in November 2011 to study nursing. Now, she is returning home to Nepal as a nursing graduate and His daughter. “Back then, I had no idea that an incredible transformation would happen in my life. The journey I went through from completely not knowing about Jesus and now proclaiming him as Lord and Saviour is a great privilege,” says the 22-year-old girl.