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Feeling challenged to answer God’s call for mission? Or perhaps you just want to learn more about missions in order to be an effective leader in the local church. Then sign up for the seminar entitled ‘Mobilising Local Church for Missions: Contemporary Challenges and Issues’, which will be conducted by Dr. Tan Kang San and Mrs Tan Loun Ling of AsiaCMS.

Santoshv1 Santosh was a one-time street boy in Pokhara, a famous tourist city in Nepal which is increasingly beset by the problem of street children. Hailing from a poor family in west Nepal, Santosh was orphaned at a young age when his father died. A few years later, he was forced to live in the streets after his grandfather, who assumed guardianship of him, also passed away. Santosh was one of the estimated 250 street children in Pokhara sub-metropolitan and Lekhnath Municipality. But by the grace of God, Santosh was pulled off the streets at the age of nine and brought to the Christians of Indreni (Rainbow) shelter run by the Himalyan Life Nepal. At the centre, he found the love and compassion that he had been deprived of earlier. There, he decided to follow Jesus.