Building a foundation of faith

Building a foundation of faith


As we stay simple, humble and true to Scriptures, we could feel the faithful leading of God. In 2017, the Shalom School of Ministries started a training programme called “Building a Foundation for Faith”.

It is aimed at reaching out to local pastors and church leaders who lack opportunities to attend training in their local areas to equip themselves. Our facilitators humble themselves to stay where they stay, eat what they eat and fellowship with them in God’s love.
The training consists of three levels — (1)  Look at the Bible’s big picture, (2)  Basic Bible Doctrines, and (3)  Basic Bible Interpretation. In the first quarter we  conducted three training sessions for the first level. There were 25 people who attended the session in Kompot province, 13 in Siemreap province and 12 in Previhea province.

The trainees were taken through the books of the Bible, main events and people, and dates. They all emerged with a clearer understanding of Bible history.

We had such a wonderful time for closing and sharing how they have learned and how different the impartation of knowledge was from other classes they had attended.

We are unique because we deal with a very simple understanding of the whole Bible. We believe this is the basic and foundation of our faith and understanding God’s Word. We praise God that we were able to help according to their real needs.

Please pray for five groups which will begin the faith building programme in the next three months and also those who will be attending the second level training.

– Chhinho Saing, Shalom Mission Cambodia, Co-MP with AsiaCMS