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Winchester Mountain trail - North Cascades Manoj Pradhananga, our mission partner in Nepal, writes how he recently took a sabbatical and the journey as a result that God took him on. " The word sabbatical was very new word for me. To dare to walk on the road where I and most of my friends had never walked before, made this journey initially uncertain and fearful. However, I decided to go on this journey for a month in August this year. After being involved in full time ministry for over 20 years I realised I was exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The first 3 days were very difficult for me to get settled. My emotions were not settling down. I was not able to detach from my work. However, on the 4th day my eyes were caught by Isaiah 30:15 that says, "In repentance and in rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength". One of my expectations out of this sabbatical was to listen to his voice. Very next day, I confessed before the Lord and began to quieten my heart trusting on his faithfulness to speak to me.

indian-joint-family   Rabbi and Chitra, Mission Partners in India have just completed their first quarter of our formal engagement with ACMS and are thankful to the Lord for this partnership. The Lord has given us the vision and has been opening doors for ministering peace and reconciliation both in the body of Christ and in the larger society in India. We completed another 45-hour module, ‘Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies’ at Christ University and a 40-hour module ‘Marriage and Family Therapy’ at Global School of Counselling. Praise God for this privilege to impact undergraduate and post graduate students and challenge them on dealing with conflicts in family, neighbourhood and community at large. Students are enthusiastic and responsive in the class – they are appreciative of participatory methods of teaching involving group activities, discussions and project presentations. Sessions on forgiveness and reconciliation were the most challenging for them as most of them believe that they are unreal and impossible. We believe the seeds sown will bear fruit in season.