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It is human nature to yearn for freedom, free from the shackles of one kind or another. Every year as we celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day with a patriotic spirit, we are reminded of the value of freedom. This year we conducted a programme to drive home the message that “despite seventy years as an independent nation, we are still in the cage of drugs.”

Kenosis_Home_ACMS By Amanda Mason The skinhead smiled at me with a gappy smile of recognition. “I see you at the seminary. I go there to work,” he said. We had just arrived at the Kenosis Home, a drug rehabilitation centre in Mantin, run by Christians on Buddhist land for the benefit of any.

[caption id="attachment_1758" align="aligncenter" width="300"]AGT trainees enjoying the sights at the Kenosis centre AGT trainees enjoying the sights at the Kenosis centre[/caption] By Yeap Boo Yam It has been said that where mission work is concerned, the calling is divine but the relationship is very human. By extension, mission training should be a good blend of the core principles of theology and the practicalities of everyday life. It is on this premise that Asia Gateway Training (AGT) kicked off its seven-week residential programme on cross-cultural mission training at Seminari Theologi Malaysia in Seremban on June 21.