Reaching the Unreached

Reaching the Unreached

Hidden away in the remote hills near the outskirts of Central and Eastern Nepal is the Mushar community; a people group who are considered ‘untouchable’ and thus, marginalized. Almost 80% of them do not own land but rather build small huts along the banks of a small river; they generally stay away from other communities.

According to Milan, alcoholism is high within the community.

“It is sad to see the men work hard as labourers and yet, waste their earnings by consuming alcohol,” Milan said.

The women usually stay at home; their literacy rate is just 1%.

It is for these people that Milan and Grace feel stirred in their hearts to reach out to. They have a burden to elevate the quality of life for these ‘untouchable’ that are shunned by society at large. And so, Milan and Grace have begun literacy classes in 3 different parts of the country…

They hope that someday these women will learn how to write, read and calculate.  This will help them to take up some vocational training such as tailoring and in the future, they could turn it into a profession to make a living.

Milan and Grace have also started a free learning centre for the Mushar kids in Sarlahi, in central Nepal.  Sadly, many of the kids stopped going to school because of discrimination.

When they first began the classes, children from other castes joined them but upon seeing the Mushar kids in the class, they stopped attending. Unfortunately, their parents simply did not want to see their children associate with these poor and lower caste children. Still, Milan and Grace have not given up hope and are still moving forward.

Despite this, Grace and Milan have continued to see the hand of God working within this community. By demonstrating biblical principles such as equality, care and concern for others, this community is seeing the face of Christ through Milan and Grace’s actions.

Lives are slowly being transformed and Milan and Grace hope that through their actions, this community of people will come to know and accept Christ, even as their lives begin to change.

Please Pray:
Milan has recently been accepted by the Department of Intercultural Studies at the Fuller Seminary for Spring of 2019. Please pray for generous donors and funding so that he may pursue his further studies next year.

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