Christmas Greetings!

Christmas Greetings!

Dear friends and prayer partners,

I am now feeling that distinct atmosphere of the advent season. It is unmistakeable – the sights and sounds in the shopping malls, the church programs, preparations for family get-togethers, etc.

Regardless of actual personal faith in Christ, whose birth this season celebrates, it can be said that Christmas is a global phenomenon that is celebrated nearly everywhere.

In contrast, the first advent was with little fanfare, really quite nondescript as far as the world is concerned. A common teenage girl from a small rural town, forced to travel, and finally birthing her first-born in an unmarked manger. It was certainly a day of extremely small beginnings.

As you wind down for the year and celebrate the advent, we, the AsiaCMS team greet you: MERRY CHRISTMAS & a fruitful 2020!

May all your efforts and small beginnings in 2019 be bountifully blessed by the Lord of the season.

Warm regards,
Rev. Dr. Chan Nam Chen,
the Board and staff of AsiaCMS