Work of mercy among flood victims

Work of mercy among flood victims

It’s a privilege to be a voice for the voiceless. Milan was so moved by the plight of flood victims in Nepal that he decided to do something.

He cried out to God to help the victims, who were mostly the poor, marginalised and indigenous people groups. He shared their heart-wrenching stories and uploaded pictures of their distressing situation on social media.

“When I visited a flood-hit area, I saw a dead body, kids without clothes and displaced people without the basic necessities,” he said.

One report says 150 people were killed, 80 injured and 50 missing in the floods in August, with the most damage inflicted on eastern Nepal.

In the midst of such tragic loss of life and livelihood, a good friend of Milan’s responded with a pledge to send aid to the victims. The Lord opened the door for his team to do relief work among 60 families, in partnership with the Gaudhara Municipality and a local church.

The church has witnessed the love of Christ to the Muslims, Mushar, Ragbhanski and Dalits of that community. At times, we just said a prayer for the people. We also took the initiative to help the very poor and isolated community of the Santhal people group. It was an essential time to distribute 41 water filters to the victims.

The whole community has been filled with grateful joy in receiving the relief aid. Government officers and the people got to hear and experience the love of Christ for the first time in their lives.

I thank God that through this work of mercy, many people came to know about Christ and the compassion of Christians for the marginalised and outcast.

Truly, this work has given me a deeper insight into Jesus’ ministry of helping victims, and the poor and needy.

Please pray for Milan’s smooth admission into Dallas Theological Seminary for PhD studies, and also his upcoming leadership training work in East Nepal.

— Milan Kumar Magar & Mitung Seng Hkawn, Nepal, Co-MPs with AsiaCMS