Witnessing through Children

Witnessing through Children

Isaiah 54:13 – “All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

Ps Chhinho oversees home churches planted by the Shalom Mission Cambodia (SMC) in 17 provinces throughout Cambodia. Recently, he shared a testimony of how God is working in the lives of the children there through Pastor Phem Sary at the Shalom Kampong Cham.

Pastor Phem taught the story of Joseph to the children at their Kid’s Club; sharing how Joseph obeyed God through his lifetime, became a leader ruling over Egypt, whilst remaining faithful to the Lord. The kids listened to the story carefully and were unusually quiet; not at all like their usual distracted selves.

Pastor Phem soon realised that some parents, many who were unbelievers, were waiting for their children and also listening to the story. They were watching intently how these stories were changing the behaviours of their children. A few days later, after another session, Pastor Phem asked the parents how they felt about their children coming to study with them at Shalom.

The parents admitted that their children had become more attentive and intelligent through the stories they heard and learning about Jesus. They were also more obedient and honest, giving truthful answers when asked questions at home. There was an obvious change in their overall behaviour.

Pastor Phem then shared the gospel to the parents stating, “Jesus is the one who has changed your children’s hearts and affected them so positively.” He felt so blessed to share the gospel to those parents, and even though they haven’t accepted Jesus yet, Pastor Phem firmly believes that a seed has been planted and God will work in their hearts through their children.

Please Pray:

  • Pray for the ongoing witness of the children to their parents and for Pastor Phem to have more opportunities to explain the gospel to these parents
  • Pray also that more families come to know Jesus in the region so they can, in turn, become witnesses themselves.