Perseverance produces character and hope

Perseverance produces character and hope

If we are patient to persevere, God is kind to let us see the fruit of our labour. This was made abundantly clear to us in our years of service in looking after displaced children at the hostel of St John’s College.

When we joined in 2012, more than 75% of the children were in the ‘fail category’ in their examinations. These children were weak not only in their studies but also in behaviour.

Those days the other wardens and I had to face angry teachers, section heads, and parents because of these children. We often felt overwhelmed and depressed that this happened despite all the hard work we had put in.

In fact, we approached the Principal twice to give up the post of Senior Hostel Warden but thankfully these requests were unsuccessful.

Today, some of those boys have graduated as engineers while others will be finishing their first degree by the end of this year.

One even bought us a tea pack using his salary. We got calls from several boys telling us about their jobs, and we are so delighted to be offered good fish whenever we asked.

One of the boys who graduated has returned to serve the school and hostel from Mondays to Fridays. On weekends, he goes back to his remote home town and gives free tuition to students in his community.

Please pray for our ministry as for the first time we now have five blind boys under our charge. They will be sitting for the same advance level examination as the other displaced children. Passing the examination is essential for them to be eligible for higher studies or a job.

We will be focusing on training teachers on inner healing and counselling, so that more children will benefit from this activity.

— Lalnghak & Laltha, Sri  Lanka, Co-MPs with AsiaCMS