Grateful for Provisions

Grateful for Provisions

James hails from one of the neighbouring countries in the Mekong region and is currently based in Laos. His primary area of mission is to share the gospel and plant new churches for his native countrymen who are living in Laos. He was born and raised somewhat in poverty, but God saved him and led him to pursue a life in ministry.

James is grateful to have led a life immersed in the Word of God, having had the opportunity to learn and eventually teach God’s Word, lead a small group in worship, and be involved in missionary training. Over the past four years, God has blessed him in his preparation for this ministry in another country.

He now fluently speaks the Lao language and has fully acclimatised to the local climate and culture. This has allowed him to be more effective in preaching in the local language and reaching out to the people in Laos.

His vision is to share the gospel and goodness of God with as many people as possible, plant new churches, promote unity among different groups of people from his native country and also support the Lao church. James also plays a role in supporting training programs for the Lao people and his native churches in Laos.

This past quarter, James is grateful for God’s provision and favor to visit and provide ministry for a group of Arem people. They are a small group of about 120 people living along the foothills between Vietnam and Laos. They face many daily difficulties and none of them knew Jesus.

In October and December last year, James visited twice to give them love gifts such as warm clothes, vegetable seeds, and candies for kids. As the people received the gifts, they were very happy – simply at the realization that someone thought of them and eventually became closer to James and his team, loving them and inviting them to visit their homes so they could eat a meal together and share their life stories. James was especially touched by their life stories and to hear about their challenging experiences.

His prayer is for the grace of God to enable him to help the Arem people even more so that their lives will change for the better. And of course, to also share the Gospel with all of them so that they will be saved by the love of Jesus.

Will you also stand with James in prayer?

Please Pray:

  • Pray for James and his team as they continue to make plans to reach out to the Arem people.
  • Pray for their safety and for continued provisions for their ministry.
  • Pray for James as he continues to go further in his theological education. Pray for God to give him the strength, financial resources, and wisdom as he juggles between his studies, ministry, and family.