God is good all the time

God is good all the time


Visiting patients at the CMC Hospital in Vellore can be an enriching experience. In my chaplaincy ministry, I have been encouraged by patients who continue to trust in the Lord no matter what the circumstances faced.

Cancer patient Varan, 53, is one such blessing to care givers.     

“God is good all the time,” Varan would say each time I met with him in the ward.

Varan, who works for a leading IT company in Bangalore, was accompanied by his wife for treatment, which involved several cycles of chemotherapy. This couple never murmured a word of disappointment about their situation. It is a joy to be with them.

“Even if I don’t recover. we have nothing bad to say about God’s leading,” Varan once told me.

After a few weeks, I met them outside the ward after the first cycle of the treatment. I could not recognise Varan as his appearance had changed due to chemo. There was no hair on his head, and his complexion became darker. Still, they greeted me with the same smile they wore weeks back.

“Still, God is in control over us,” he said as we exchanged greetings.

Each day we hear different stories that encourage people in their sick bed. Stories like that of Varan’s can change even our approach to the sick and suffering. We can experience the marvellous leading of the almighty God in their lives. Praise be to God.

Please continue to pray for our ministry among the sick and suffering.

Rev Jim Paul, Tamil Nadu, India, Co-MP with AsiaCMS