Blessed Good Friday & Easter Weekend

Blessed Good Friday & Easter Weekend

Dear Partner and Friend,

Blessed Good Friday and Easter!  I trust that you are staying safe in His presence over this special weekend.

The events in recent months have been like darkness, felt more deeply by some than others. Over this Easter weekend, I am reminded of that darkest darkness – for all humankind that befell on that Friday afternoon. But His light shone into that darkness.

God broke into the darkest darkness that could ever be unleashed through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. That resurrection Sunday is also a portent of that new day that will dawn upon all of us one day.

May His peace and presence be with you as you reflect and worship over this weekend. As you stay safe, may you also be a source of hope and comfort to those around you, especially those who need a touch from our Saviour.

Warm regards,
Rev. Chan Nam Chen (PhD)
(Executive Director)