Pregnancy_Inside By Kathryn Aryal Psalm 139:1-4 exclaimed: “O Lord, You have searched me and known me! You know when I sit and when I rise up… Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, You know it altogether." In the early weeks of my pregnancy, one of our young godmothers from church came and handed me a book entitled, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. The book was our first unexpected, welcome gift from the Lord. It made me realised God’s love and care, helping me prepare for what’s to come and letting me know He is right there to guide us in our journey.

Love_Nayana_Inside She is a beautiful young girl of 14 years. Life didn’t give her much of a choice in where she had to live; neither did it give a choice in becoming a mother at the age of 15. All she had been through in her life was rejection from her family and at every institution she was placed in.

Kumar_Testimony_Inside Where He leads, we go. This seems to be the mantra of a young couple whose family backgrounds were as diverse as you could get. But by the grace of Jesus Christ, they are now one. And happily serving the Lord together. Meet Kumar and Kats Aryal, the latest co-mission partners of AsiaCMS. 

Mission in China_Inside The Church Mission Society (CMS) has a long and illustrious history in China dating back to the 1800s. Bishop George Smith and T.M. McClatchie were the first CMS missionaries to be sent to China in 1844. The early missionaries were focused on health and education to help meet the pressing needs of that time. Their lives and works left behind a positive impact of their gospel message up till the present day.

Africa Consultation_Inside “Do not oppress a foreigner; you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners, because you were foreigners in Egypt.” – Exodus 23:9 Being in a foreign land with an alien culture thousands of miles from home can be an intimidating experience. Throw in some unwelcoming locals, or worse still, unjust officials, and the adopted world of the immigrants will be turned topsy-turvy. This is the world of the estimated one million Chinese nationals living in Africa.