There is Only Jesus

There is Only Jesus

I woke up yesterday thinking, “What was the Lord Jesus going through… thinking… feeling… at this time 2,000 years ago? What about the people around Him…?”

It was but less than a week ago that they feted His entrance into Jerusalem. Some of the disciples were probably still euphoric, thinking about their positions when Jesus is enthroned.

Judas had probably already made up his mind that betrayal was the right move, already made the deal. The religious leaders were conniving…

Just a few hours ago, as I sat pondering… Jesus had probably started His last meal with His beloved disciples. It will follow with intense prayer, with sweat falling like great drops of blood. In less than 24 hours, everything will be all over…

A sleepless night… His back whipped and body broken… ready to be entombed… not just for me but for ALL humankind who has lived, so that this broken world as we know it, may be set on a path of reconciliation and renewal until “Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it Is in Heaven…”

I thought… “Make Him your “No Other” because there really is “No Other”…



Rev. Dr. Chan NamChen