The persistent knock

The persistent knock

Written by Terence Lee

Have you ever had that nagging sensation from the Holy Spirit, prompting, but because you were busy, or embarrassed, or uncomfortable, you turned your face away and ignored the prompt? For Danny and Lydia, it took many calls and 26 years before they answered God’s call on their lives to mission.

In 2018, Danny and Lydia are planning to take their two children and settle in a country in central Asia; a country whose government heavily monitors and censors Christianity. In truth, their story started many years before.

“I was 14 [years old] I think… In the school holidays, I would go for all the Christian camps. That particular year it was about missions. The speaker asked anyone who wanted to become a missionary to stand up. So, I stood up,” shared Danny.

“I responded to the calling when I was 18.” Lydia chimes in.

It wasn’t till many years later, in 2014, after they had met, married and started a family, that they heard the call again to mission. It was at a conference that their church ran each year. The pastor had preached passionately on God’s mission and was calling those who would go serve the Lord to stand as a sign of commitment.

“I just felt God move me to respond. After the sermon, I just cried. I refused to stand up and that was why I cried,” recalls Lydia. After the conference, she did manage to have a word with her pastor, who encouraged her to pray about this situation and the conflict in her heart.

One year on at the same conference, the same call came to both Lydia and Danny. This time the pastor asked all who would dedicate their lives to serve the Lord to stand. Still with reluctance in her heart, Lydia prayed, “If You truly want me to go, God, then You give the same nudge to my husband.” Whilst she was still praying, she felt a tug on her hand. As she looked around, Danny had stood up and was gently pulling her to her feet!

It took more prayer and more than one prophetic word for them to decide to go to central Asia. In that time, God worked through speakers, mission agencies, new articles and even YouTube to help them narrow down the place and country that they will build their lives in.

They will require God’s protection and providence for them to be able to settle and thrive in such a hostile environment as well. In their story, God has proven faithful in 26 years when they didn’t want to follow his call. How much more will God be faithful and present when they both turn and walk in step with their heavenly Father? When asked whether they are worried for the future, Danny smiled and simply said, “God has his plan, and we just follow God’s plan.”

Pray for them as they make their final preparations.

  • Pray that they would receive anew God’s call on their lives.
  • Pray for wisdom as they go about learning the local Russian dialect.
  • Pray for their family’s safety, especially their two young kids, Jovan and Jovin.

Danny and Lydia recently participated in Asia Gateway Training 2017, a month-long course organised by AsiaCMS in collaboration with Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia, the Methodist Church in Malaysia, Operation Mobilisation, Overseas Missionary Fellowship, Interserve, and Serving in Mission.