Legacy of the laity and women missionaries in China

Legacy of the laity and women missionaries in China

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The Church Mission Society (CMS) has a long and illustrious history in China dating back to the 1800s. Bishop George Smith and T.M. McClatchie were the first CMS missionaries to be sent to China in 1844.

The early missionaries were focused on health and education to help meet the pressing needs of that time. Their lives and works left behind a positive impact of their gospel message up till the present day.

But what is less known is the sterling role played by women missionaries even in the infancy of the missionary movement in China.

For example, women missionaries had a hand in CMS’s organisation of a complete educational ladder in Fujian, where CMS was the pioneer mission agency.

To find out more about the historical contributions of the medical and educational professionals and women missionaries and an evaluation of the mission movement in China, read the attached article by AsiaCMS co-mission partner P.K. Tang.

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