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South Asian Christian Youth Network

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The countdown is now on, with the delegates arriving for the 2014 conference in Dubai in the coming days. The theme this year is “South Asian Diasporas: God’s new communities in Mission”

Tan Kang-San, Stephen Edison, Vinod Victor and Lee Loun Ling will all be there representing AsiaCMS and to help organise and deliver teaching.

South Asia Christian Youth Network (SACYN)

South Asia Christian Youth Network (SACYN) is a network of young leaders in South Asia. The concept has taken the form of a network in 2002 in Bangalore, India. This network was formed with a mission to build connections with church and mission at local, regional and global levels; and enables the South Asian Christian youth to be integrated, related and committed to both the local and broader community of which they are part.

Our Mission: To encourage, motivate and enable South Asian Young People basically from the region’s churches to link up, overcome barriers and work together for the Gospel and Kingdom of God whilst being continually strengthened as a networked movement of young peoples in mission.

Our Commitment: To help a generation to live the kingdom experience enabling them to transcend all possible boundaries that separate people from people.


So far SACYN had meetings in various countries in South Asia and that has helped to build bridges, nurture strong personal relations between the future leadership of the Church in south Asia and has been a useful vessel in training and equipping our young people on issues and challenges which are relevant to the Church and the Christianity in Asia today.

SACYN provided the forum for young people of South Asia to meet together annually as a Core Group and quadrennially in large numbers in different countries. Those were occasions not only of meaningful fellowship but also of serious theological and biblical reflections. We have in the past discussed issues like globalisation, indigenisation, peace, conflict resolution, youth culture and several such pertinent themes.

The Dubai meeting scheduled to be held from 22nd to 29th November 2014, at the Holy Trinity Church, Dubai will deliberate on the issue of Migration and the Conflicts of the Diaspora. The theme for this meeting would be “South Asian Diasporas: God’s New Communities in Mission”. There are many migrant workers from South Asia who live in the Middle East and the meeting will deliberate on the aspirations of identity of the diaspora communities. The SACYN core group meeting in 2014 will also explore the issue of Migration, the exponential growth in migrant labour and reflect together on the Christian response and responsibility in this context. The meeting will also look at the Identity Dynamics of the Diaspora in the context of migration and challenges of migrant labour.

Tan Kang San (Executive Director, AsiaCMS), John Chhetri, (SACYN Coordinator), Raj Patel, (Asia Manager, CMS UK), Vinod Victor (Advisor)

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