Grassroots Discipleship

Grassroots Discipleship


Ever wondered what a strategic discipleship ministry among the grassroots of western-central and northern India entails?

If so, the ministry of Rev. Shirish together with TAFTEE is probably a good place to start. Amongst the many ministry endeavours of The Association For Theological Education by Extension, Rev. Shirish and the team have been embarking on a most commendable effort: to equip and disciple village church pastors, evangelists, and missionaries for church planting and growth.

Through the TAFTEE certificate programme, many now have access to theological education.

Encompassing both church institutions and para-church organisations, participants from a wide spectrum of Christian vocations have been blessed with the opportunity to be equipped in various theological disciplines. They include the systematic study of the Bible and a course on Christian discipleship and ministry based on the life of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Shirish not only aids the facilitating of these discipleship courses but his role has also seen him pioneer the commencement of new TAFTEE certificate level groups with the participation of over one hundred and fifty people throughout the region.

Participants have been blessed by the course and are now mobilised to set up new discipleship groups within their local contexts.

Misal is one of several who have provided meaningful feedback on the TAFTEE certificate level course:

As a mother, what I thought a difficult task has actually turned to be a blessing. The learning process has instilled me with confidence to witness and to do outreach evangelism.

Rev. Shirish reflected on a hectic but meaningful time of discipleship:

The main activities in this last quarter have been very exciting as God is opening new doors in seeing many churches and students engaged with Bible study and being equipped to share the Gospel in different parts of the state of Maharashtra and north India.

Please continue to pray for Rev. Shirish and the ministry of TAFTEE:

  • Pioneering efforts together with churches, organisations, schools, and colleges for discipleship through theological education in parts of north India
  • Sustenance and provision of volunteers and staff for existing locations especially in the western-central region of India
  • Provision of funds to subsidize resources for students in need


Rev. Shirish S. Suryawanshi, India, Co-MP with AsiaCMS